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'Hats Off' at Outlet Talk

On Monday 8th April, a very interesting talk on the history of hats and hat making was given by Sophie Fryer to the Outlet group. Sophie had always had an interest in hats since childhood and started learning how to make hats as a hobby when she was 50. The table displayed a 'small selection' of all that she has made. The process of hat making was described in detail – we will all look at the hats worn at Ascot with more fascination!

Do you know that Millinery and Milliners relates to the fact that hats were imported from Milan – and has nothing whatsoever to do with Mills! The phrase 'Mad as a Hatter' came about because Hat makers poisoned themselves dying materials using pure shellac and mercury. The centre of UK hat making was and still is Luton – hence their football team are known as the Hatters!

The evening finished off with a 'trying on session'. A lot of learning and fun was had by all.

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