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Message from the Minister – May 2022

Help someone if you could afford to in life

Dear Friends,

Let me share a true story with you.
He lived with me during our undergraduate days because his parents were poor.
My family didn't mind. In fact, he had the key to my room, he could come in any time like any child in my family.
He respected me so much, we were so close.
After our Youth Service, I travelled to Switzerland for further studies in 1984. My parents had the means of income to support me.
Before long I settled in Geneva, his letters started coming in, asking about life in Switzerland and telling me about the ever-difficult life in my motherland.
I told myself, it was better that I sever my relationship with this poor guy, before he started to ask me to bring him to Switzerland.
Haven't I done enough in his life? I asked myself.
Let him go and sort himself out.
I finally severed the relationship!
I didn't allow him to have access to me again.
Not long, I heard he had become the Personal Assistant (P.A.) to a Medical Doctor. Good for him.
In no time the Medical Doctor became a Political Minister of a Region, and was sponsored to the Parliament house to work as an Administrator. After a few years, he had become a prominent figure and living a wonderful life. He later studied and became an eminent Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, working in one of the prestigious hospitals in the US, and later established in my motherland.
While still struggling in Switzerland, it dawned on me that I had missed it. A friend God gave me to assist and yet I stopped. I severed the relationship. Whilst back at home, I had a referral to see an ENT specialist and there I sat in front of him sharing tears. He forgave me and we became friends again, due the faith and cultural values we shared.
We would have together built a wonderful bond, going by the respect he had for me, when I left him for further studies. I am truly sorry for my mistake.

A very true-life story I have shared with you.

Whom are you helping today?

He or she may be the one to help you tomorrow.
You might be indirectly taking care of your tomorrow by helping him today.
Remember, life is a seed!
Who is it that you are helping? Don't stop, don't malign the person.
Whatever the situation and circumstance of your family and friends,
don't neglect them in times of need.
Even if you don't have money, you should have words that could comfort them.
Some people only need those words of encouragement to forge on in life.
Just be a blessing to everyone who crosses your path.


Let us help one another in any and every way that we can.

God bless Stoughton, Merrow, West Horsley and Sheerwater, and our World.

We need peace and friendship in our time, not wars and divisions.

Thank you.

God bless.

Uncle George.

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