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Message from the Minister – April 2024

A Story from an African Couple.

In the blink of an eye another day is gone,

In the blink of an eye another week is gone.
In the blink of an eye another month is gone,
In the blink of an eye another year is gone.
And in the blink of an eye, I'll be gone too,
And not just me but also you.
So maybe we should be wishing' and hoping',
That we could just keep our eyes open.
And see and appreciate all that we can see,
And learn how we can be, the best that we can be,
Before it's too late,
Time flies, so let's not wait.
Whether we have just one life or many, one thing is true,
We should try to enjoy every moment we can; it's the wisest thing to do. This gift of life came from God.

I interviewed a couple a few weeks ago that just had their 60th wedding anniversary and I asked them one question. "How does a beautiful couple like yourself keep such a healthy marriage for over 60 years?" She told me, "Wait right here young man" and she went back to their bedroom and pulled something from a weathered roll top desk. It was an old worn-out Bible, about 84 years old, handed to her parents.

She said "This right here is what has got us through everything life has thrown at us for the past 60 years". She went on about how it completely changed their lives and it taught them numerous things that should be a staple in all relationships in this day and age, no matter how long you and your significant other have been together. She spoke these encouraging words.

We learned how to forgive each other.

We rebuilt trust when it was broken.

We always listened to one another.

We apologize for things when we were wrong.

We always made time for each other.

We learned how to communicate.

We always put one another first no matter the circumstance.

We never stopped dating each other.

We always told each other "I love you" before we went to bed.

We always prayed for each other daily.

We never made permanent decisions based on our temporary emotions.

She added... "These are just a few things the Bible has taught us".

I decided to ask her one last question

I said, "After 60 years, are you worried about what tomorrow brings?"

She said something I will never forget.

She said, "I trust the next chapter of our love story, because I know the author." Which is God.

May you enjoy every blessing that this season brings.

Thank you.

God bless.

Devotedly Yours,


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