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      As Guildford is now in Lockdown, the decision was made by the Trustees of Merrow Church to close for services.  This decision was not made easily but was felt to be necessary to ensure the safety of all attending the Church.

    Merrow Church will remain open for Silent Prayer on Wednesdays between 10 and 11am.

    Guidance on Silent Prayer can be found on the following page:  Guide to Services


    Song of Solomon 6: 2 - 3 (NKJV)      Choose to be His

    My beloved has gone to his garden,
    To the beds of spices,
    To feed his flock in the gardens,
    And to gather lilies.
    3  I am my beloved’s,
    And my beloved is mine.

    He feeds his flock among the lilies.

    These verses may be familiar to you if you have read the Song of Solomon (also called the Song of Songs). The book paints a picture of the relationship we have with our God. As it was with Solomon and his bride, so it is with us: we are God’s, and he is ours.

    It is uplifting to know that we are important to God. He created you and me because he wanted our friendship. James 2:23 tells us that Abraham “was called the friend of God.” Can we imagine God called Abraham his friend? But the good news is that friendship with God is not only for Abraham, it is for you and me as well (Galatians 3:14).

    Jesus said, “No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all things that I heard from My Father I have made known to you” (John 15:15). God gets joy from being in relationship with us. But as with any good relationship, both sides must choose to value the other.

    We exist within God, because everything God created exists within him. He holds the entire universe together. Yet while we exist within him, we are separated from him until we choose to unite with him. We are unique human beings. The reason God made us independent from him is because he wanted a real love relationship with us, and the only way that could happen is if we had to choose to love him.

    Let us ask us a question today: Are we choosing every day to join ourself to God for his pleasure – to be his? When we choose to be his, we wake up in the morning and begin the day by bringing him into our consciousness. Then we consciously give ourselves to God by doing things that please him such as cultivating an awareness of his presence, praying, reaching out to help others, and spending time in the Word. We are his, created for him, and when we surrender ourselves to him, we fulfil the reason for which God made us – to be joined and united to him. This relationship in Jesus’ words brings much fruit (John 15:5).


    Father God, I surrender myself to you now. 

    I choose to make myself yours. 

    Father, I ask that you help me love

    and make the priority of my

    to trust and obey your Son Jesus.


    Have a blessed week,

    Rev. Asif Das.


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    Merrow Methodist Church is open for Silent Prayer on Wednesdays between 10 and 11am.   Please look at our News and Events  page for further information and details of downloadable services and devotional material that you may find helpful.

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